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101 Burgundy Street
Heidelberg, VIC 3084


Wednesday Morning “Tour d’Eltham”

Time – 6am SHARP!!! (Return around 7.20am)

Bike Fitness Level – Moderate to Fit (warm up generally to the base of Bonds Rd)

Friday Morning “Gags & Pete’s Spin City”

Time - 5.30am SHARP!!! (Return to Heidelberg around 7.30am )

Bike Fitness Level – Moderate (The first person to change out of the small chain ring has to buy the coffees!)

Saturday Morning

Time - 6.30am SHARP!!! (Return around 8.50am)

Bike Fitness Level – Moderate to Very Fit (warm up to Watsonia/race from Hurstbridge exit to St Andrews Eltham Kinglake sign post )

The 2nd Saturday of each Month is our Women’s Only Ride…

Time – 6.30am SHARP!!!

Bike Fitness Level – Moderate.  Hilly course with regular regroups (Diamond Creek, Hurstbridge, Kangaroo Ground, Eltham College, & Lower Plenty.)  Flat Rock Rd from Hurstbridge to Kangaroo Ground is a great challenge, and even more beautiful.  It’s something completely different to riding along Beach Rd!  Roughly 50kms & 2hrs ride time.  Come along and give our Women’s only ride a try, you’ll be well looked after ;-)


Public Holidays

Queen’s Birthday 6am

Mt Dandenong Adventure – 100kms 1775m of Climbing

Riders must obey road rules at all times, never having more than two riders abreast on the road.

Please know your position in the bunch, if you are bringing up the rear at the regroup point, continue rolling through letting the waiting riders know that you are the last person.

Although best efforts are made to keep the bunch together with regroup points along the way, this is not always possible due to varying levels of fitness, traffic lights, and mechanical difficulties.

Riders must have enough experience to get themselves home if they find themselves on their own due to mechanical difficulties or being dropped off the pace.

It is preferred that riders wear a Peak Cycles cycling kit to make it easier to distinguish ourselves on the road.

All in all it is a very friendly bunch, who look forward to meeting new people to go for a ride with.  We hope to see you soon!!!