Bontrager SE Elite Recycled Grip Set


Confidently handle any trail with the SE Elite Recycled Grip made with recycled plastics in the core. This lock-on grip uses clamps to secure the core for a tight hold in any terrain, while a unique opposing tread pattern provides the perfect amount of traction and padding for your palms.

Using recycled materials in this product helps provide a second life to unwanted end-of-life plastics.

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Key Features

  1. Grip core is made from recycled plastic
  2. The opposing tread pattern absorbs shock in palms and increases grip at the fingertips
  3. A rubber compound provides confident grip, control and comfort
  4. Tread features continuous channels to funnel sweat for effective moisture management
  5. The single-clamp design maximises grip surface for secure, predictable performance
  6. Core-lock clamp eliminates slipping by securing grip core to bar
  7. 3mm M4 bolt increases hold and resists stripping
  8. 32 mm diameter




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