Townie Go! 8D Step-Over


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Key Features

Just get on and Go! The Electra Townie® Go! 8D with a Bosch Active System motor and Flat Foot Technology® frame geometry make this e-bike the perfect blend of comfort, control and fun. With up to a 100 mile range, you can go to work, go to the store, go wherever you want without breaking a sweat. This pedal-assist e-bike is easy to use and a blast to ride.

It’s right for you if…

You want the power and fun of an e-bike along with the comfort of Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology®. The Townie Go! 8D is a solid choice for those who want to go further, faster and funner on this uncomplicated, economical ride.

The tech you get

The Townie Go! 8D features a quiet Bosch Active Line Gen 3 250W motor with a top assisted speed of 25 kmh and is complete with the Purion display. An 8-speed derailleur provides a nice range of gears while the mechanical front and rear disc brakes and balloon tires allow for a smooth, safe ride.

The final word

The Townie® Go! 8D offers the best smileage in its class. This low maintenance e-bike is intuitive, easy to use and packs enough juice to get you where you need to go without breaking a sweat. There’s no doubt that the Townie Go! 8D will become an integral part of your lifestyle.